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These are some of our current pages that you can add to your web site. These pages are fully customizable and easy to add and setup.

We are very open to feedback and are eager to know of new features you desire. If there are features you would like to see on the service that we do not have, please Contact Us.

Home Page

This is the main page of your web site. Add some pictures and content about your company and you are off and running.

Services Provided

If your company provides multiple services, this is the perfect page for you. This page gives you the opportunity to prove to your clients that you are a professional, by talking in depth about the services you provide and by showing off your past work.

Store or Office Location

A store or office location is key to your website so new customers can get directions and see a map of your location.

House Plans

Show off all the different houses you have built or your typical house plans.

About Us

This is a great page to talk a little about your company; how it was founded, who you are, your commitments, and anything else you think people should know about your company.

Contact Us

This is a perfect place for clients to get contact information such as your phone number, e-mail, and/or mailing address. This page also gives you the option to have your users and potential clients fill out a form, so you can contact them. When they submit the form our automated system will e-mail you with the details provided by the client.

All these pages are optional and available for you to use at any time.